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Saving your Seeds

I would like to share a link to a website that is promoting saving the bio-diversity of seeds.  Now keep in mind you need to be careful about how you go about saving your seeds.  There are many regulations and patents out there.  In fact one corporation Monsanto, owns over 1,500 patents on food seeds alone.  Most of the seed companies out there are in fact owned by really four corporations and they own those seeds and the plants grown from them.

When considering saving seeds from your own garden or crops keep in mind a few important facts:

  • Don’t save seeds on a patented strain (most hybrids and thanks to Monsanto, almost every seed…check for patents)
  • Personally I don’t grow any genetic modification (GM) plants, I refuse to eat GM seeds!  I don’t want their fruits or vegetables and if it is a GM seed, you can bank on the fact that it is also patented.  If you save seeds from a patented variety, you can and will be sued for doing so as it is patent infringement.

Plants such as the tomato, you need to cure the seeds to make them viable.  The website above helps teach you ways in which to do this, please check them out.  If they don’t teach you what you need to know.  Hit the internet and do your research, just make sure you read lots of websites because chances of an inaccurate method are high.  Most people simply copy and paste articles and chances are, wrong information has been copy and pasted thousands of times.

Many have asked why I do not teach or give the methods behind how to save seeds here on my blog and the answer is simple, because I will get sued!  These companies love to make money, and frankly they don’t make enough money from seeds alone so they love to go out and police every home or rural garden.  They offer rewards to individuals willing to tattle on their neighbors via “tip lines”, so even in rural areas farmers needing money love to rat out even their own mothers for the money.

Just make sure you aren’t infringing upon any patent laws, preserve the seeds according to the species and always have your crops tested at the end of the season for contamination from any GM seed in your area.  Even if you don’t plant a GM seed variety, if your crops are contaminated by the GM variety, you are guilty of patent infringement, hence why it is important to fork out the money each and every year to ensure your crops have not become contaminated.  Better you find out and not save them than to have a company like Monsanto show up and sue you for everything you have because you saved your own seed.

Anyhow, know how to properly preserve your seeds.  If you are going to store them for more than one season, know how to do so in order to keep the seed viable.  Without seed, you can grow no food, without the diversity of all our little gardens, we will suffer from blight when the world turns into monoculture thanks to companies like Monsanto and others that are trying to force you in that direction.

Millions of people died in Ireland due to the potato blight because they grew one variety (known as mono culture), when their potatoes died, so did their people as they had nothing to eat.

I will talk later about the patented gene called “the terminator” gene which is owned by the United States Government as well as the “germinator” gene which requires you to purchase specific chemicals from the producing seed company in order to get your seeds to germinate at all.  But right now, I would like to ask those of you using heirlooms, you work diligently to keep them GM (aka contaminate) free and you store them properly so that we may all keep this world from being forced into a monoculture system which will kill us when that crops develops a blight.

So what does GM or patented seed mean?  Read this report.

For the record, many ex high up CEOs from Monsanto now hold high up governmental positions.  And for the record, the fact that these “governmental leaders” state they are not in bed with Monsanto (yet accept their cash, vacations, condo’s, cars, homes and more from them).  Here is a little tid-bit of reality folks….

At a July 2008 meeting, Monsanto officials announced plans to raise the average price of some of the company’s triple-stack maize varieties a whopping 35 percent. Fred Stokes of the U.S.-based Organization for
Competitive Markets (OCM) describes  the implications for farmers: “A $100 price increase is a tremendous drain on rural America. Let’s say a farmer in Iowa who farms 1,000 acres plants one of these expensive corn varieties next year. The gross increased cost is more than $40,000. Yet there’s no scientific basis to justify this price hike. How can we let companies get away with this?”

The U.S. government is currently subsidizing sales of Monsanto’s triple-stack maize seed by offering lower crop insurance premiums to farmers who plant  it on non-irrigated land – because the biotech maize reportedly provides lower risk of reduced yields when compared to conventional hybrids. The pilot project is especially specious because the U.S. government relied on data from Monsanto to substantiate the claim.

Once they own they crop, they control not only the price, but the food….when they own both the price and the food, they own the world.

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Confusion about Monsanto GMO—HELP

First, this is simply my opinion and confusion about something.  I hope that the readers can explain things to me so that I might better understand how this is allowed to happen because I am completely confused by it.

Monsanto Corporation has estimated in excess of 11,000 patents in regards to plants, seeds and GMO (Genetic Modification) of what is considered in legal terms “life”.  In the 1980’s the United States Congress allowed “life” to be patented.

One of the many things in which they have patented is the Round Up Ready soy bean seeds.  As reported in the documentary “Food Inc”, in 2008 it was estimated that the genes of this Monsanto soy bean was in 90% of the worlds soy bean seed.  I don’t know what the estimates are for 2011 as I am still in the process of doing more research.  However, with 90% of these seeds holding the Monsanto genes, this would seem to me that it would qualify as a “monopoly” or “cartel” situation.  As such, it should fall under prosecution under the Sherman Anti-Trust act which was passed in 1890.  For more information about the Sherman Anti-Trust act please go to visit Wikipedia.  The purpose of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was to oppose the combination of entities that could potentially harm competition, such as monopolies or cartels.  The law directs itself not against conduct which is competitive, even severely so, but against conduct which unfairly tends to destroy competition itself.  With 90% of all soy bean seed now being tainted with the Monsanto gene, how is the Sherman Anti-Trust Act not being violated?

I don’t want their GMO soy bean in my fields nor in my food, yet the courts are not asking Monsanto to control their creation, rather they are penalizing anyone found guilty for their inability to control an act of god which taints and innocent persons crops with this gene.  Judges in lawsuits against farmers being sued by Monsanto are stating that it doesn’t matter HOW your crops become tainted by the Monsanto GMO genes, once your crops are tainted, be it wind, water, bird, bee or any other method, you can no longer save any of your seed and you must pay damages to Monsanto for using their gene.  I am confused that Monsanto is not held responsible for the control of their creation.  And if they are not able to control their creation, how are they allowed to sell it, much less in such a clear monopoly which goes against the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

I don’t want GMO seeds, I don’t want products containing GMO genes, yet I have been forced into it, because of the monopoly held by Monsanto.  The movie Food Inc estimated that 78% of all the processed products on the shelves in the local grocery store contain soy products.  With Monsanto GMO genes being in and estimated 90% of all the soy bean crops, that means most of the products we purchase today containing soy products are the result of Monsanto GMO soy beans.  Where is the fair trade here?  What are my options in NOT purchasing any soy products with their gene which is what I want?

My fear is not IF Monsanto GMO soy beans will be 100% of the available soy bean seeds, but rather WHEN.  And when 100% of all soy bean seeds are owned by them, they will effectively own 100% of the worlds soy bean crop and that frightens me.  Why?  Because I don’t want it yet as a consumer I have no other options available to me.

You might think I could get away from it by not purchasing soy products or the estimated 78% of everything on the grocer shelf.  But they don’t just produce Round Up Ready Soy beans, they also have Round Up Ready Alfalfa, and the courts found in favor of Monsanto Corporation stating it is not their responsibility to prove it is safe, nor to control the spread of their crop, it is only their responsibility to create and enforce payment from everyone growing their Round Up Ready Alfalfa.  It doesn’t matter if you plant their GMO Alfalfa or if you plant your own Alfalfa seed….if your fields become tainted, you owe Monsanto money for the use of their creation, even if you didn’t plant it yourself.  If your crops become tainted with the gene, you can not save your own seed, you must destroy your seed and purchase your seed from Monsanto.  Monsanto is also the largest producer of genetically engineered seeds on the planet, accounting for over 90% of the GE seeds planted globally in 2003.

Did you read that?  They account for over 90% of all GMO (GE) seed world-wide.  How is this allowing ME the consumer a choice?  The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was put into place to allow me the consumer a CHOICE and to ensure just competition in the market place.

Beyond them holding a monopoly, when they hit 100%, what happens to the price?  If you have seen the movie Dune, there is a line in the movie “If you control the spice, you control the Universe”…… and this frankly scares me to death.  It isn’t about if the product is safe or not, it is about having the freedom to choose something NOT containing GMO.  I am a backyard farmer, I pull weeds the old-fashioned way, I hoe them and I pull them by hand, I don’t want, nor desire a GMO seed designed to work with their herbicide, and I certainly don’t need their GMO seed with how I garden.

Can anyone help me understand how they are allowed to own so much of the GMO market, so much of the soy bean market, the corn market and now they are working on the alfalfa market?  How does it allow market place competition and how is it not considered a monopoly or a cartel?

When I went to the local farm supply store this year to obtain seeds for my garden I asked specifically for varieties guaranteed to not contain the Monsanto Round Up Ready genes.  I was told that because these genes are in so much of the crop, they could not guarantee any of their seed to be free from it.  In fact I was told to count on it CONTAINING the Monsanto genes. I asked him if he sold organic varieties, he said yes, but that it most likely contained the Monsanto genes as well.  Thus, there is no competition for the seeds I wanted and the Monsanto seed is the only option.  Well, I exercised another option, I simply didn’t plant those crops which could not be guaranteed to be free of the Monsanto genes.  Need I say I was highly limited in my choices?  What happened to my rights as a consumer under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?

When they control our food chain, will they feed the people of the world at their cost…. or will we simply pay their asking price and for our own ignorance in allowing this to happen?  Will we have enough money?

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