We started out as individuals, concerned with the economy, doing our best to prepare our families for an “emergency”.  We were thinking along the lines of health problems, natural disaster, loss of a job and things such as this.  None of us really thought the “emergency” would come in the form of an economic collapse of our nation.

Today, we are a group of individuals pulling together to live that great life our forefathers forged on our behalf.  If they were alive today, I am sure they would be saddened in the way we have allowed our lives and the society to turn.  So we got together, read our history and decided that while we love modern amenities, they had it right back then.  They didn’t rely upon the rest of the world to grow their food, they grew it themselves.  They lived for the most part rather self-sufficient and lived rich and rewarding lives.

We have grown tired of watching most of our paychecks disappear to the city, state and federal governments, we are tired of going hungry because we simply don’t have enough money left over to pay for much else than the taxes and fees assessed to darn near everything.  We decided we could either be angry about it, or we could make a change………….well, we aren’t going to waste our time on anger, it never gets you anywhere, so we have decided to change our lives in the only way we know how.  We are going to work harder, smarter, reduce our spending and increase our supplies through a historical method, proven time and time again.  Its called “Self-Sufficicient, not only is it a rewarding way of life.  You simply can’t ask for a better way of being able to LIVE your life.  We haven’t lived life in a long time, as a society we have simply been working for others to be able to LIVE the great life, not living ourselves and its past time to make a change.

As more and more beging to prepare themselves for an emergency, the main concern is for the short term.  As in preparing for a few weeks or a few months.  But if something really bad happened and you are only prepared for the short term, what then?  If the “emergency” lasts beyond the short term supplies you have set up for yourselves, what will you do when your supplies are gone?  Thats where Laughing Cloud Ranch was born.  It is about preparing for that short term emergency using “Long Term” techniques.

Follow along as we learn the skills we need, find the land, build the homes and find our way back to a richly rewarding way of  life.


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