Global Genocide, happening in your neighborhood, all for money!

19 Jul

Okay I really had a hard time trying to place a title on this post.  So many titles are strong and most will think its just another gloom and doom post.  The reality of this problem just makes me sick.  The fact that it is backed by our government who is out there trying to get all the other Nations of the world to agree with them and do the same thing makes me even sicker.  But the thing that scares me to death is that we have become more and more powerless by the day over things like our own genes that we were born with.  And if something goes wrong with those genes, you have to pay a corporation through the nose to do anything with the gene because they made it to the patent office and own the gene you were born with.

So where am I coming from today?  Well, I want to speak with you about several things, but the first thing is the change that Bush Jr. made at the patent office.  You no longer have to create something to get it patented, you just have to be the first one to the patent office.  Having said this, everything on this earth is patentable.  And companies with lots of money are running a race at the patent office.  Sadly this is a really bad thing for the society at large.

For example, the gene that is responsible for causing breast cancer was patented.  How does this impact you?  Well, all of the Universities and corporations doing research on breast cancer were brought to a screeching halt.  Why?  Because they are doing research on a gene which is now owned by a corporation.  More specific Myriad Genetics in Salt Lake City now owns the BRCA gene.  And sadly they have brought breast cancer studies and the sharing of this information to a screeching halt.  After all, they own the gene and anyone doing research on it must pay them money to study what they own.  If they do not pay Myriad Genetics what ever they want, and go ahead and study it, they are sued for patent infringement.  Many Universities right after the gene was patented were already sued for patent infringement and have decided that they simply can not continue their research or studies because they frankly can’t afford the fines and fees to do so now that the gene is owned by a corporation.

So here we have life saving research that was once going on to save lives, some corporation thanking President Bush Jr. manages to get a gene, which they did not create, patented so that they could make money on the right to do research or tests on it.  But it could get worse, I mean if I were to get breast cancer, and I go through treatment to alter the gene causing the breast cancer, could they sue me, the patient, for patent infringement because I asked to have their gene (which they did not create, I was born with it) altered to save my life?  And since they so-called “OWN” the gene, can I sue them because it is killing me?  Nope, they didn’t create it, they only own it, so if I want to do anything with it, I have to pay them, but they have no responsibility for or over it because they didn’t create it, they simply own it.  I love how the patent office is protecting them and their ability to earn income, but releasing them from any and all liability arising from it.

It makes me sick that so many companies own the genes in which our bodies are made up of.  And they do so for one reason, TO EARN A BUCK!  In this case, Myriad Genetics got it patented and brought research to a screeching halt, on top of this, since they own the gene, they are the only company that can to a blood test for it, and you have to pay their price to see if you carry this gene!

Read the following article for a story of what it did to a Texas teacher who at 28 years old discovered she had breast cancer.  MSNBC News Report on Breast Cancer Gene

Keep in mind that the ACLU took them to court over the ability to have the BRCA genes tested in laboratories not owned by them, they won the first lawsuit, but Myriad Genetics and their legal counsel feel the decision will be overruled in their counter suit and any laboratory doing testing on their patented gene will be retro actively sued for patent infringement.  Keep in mind, this gene was not created by them, they simply patented it due to the fact that LIFE can now be patented thanks to Bush Jr.  The only thing you need is lots of money and to be the first person to the patent office.  After that, you can sue, sue, sue everyone using, trying to use or even doing research on it for patent infringement.

Makes me wonder who owns the crab grass in my yard.  That stuff keeps growing all by itself, I wonder who I owe money to because I use it by nature producing it in my lawn.  Worse yet, if I want to get rid of it, I wonder if that would be a patent infringement as well.

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