Movie Review: The Stoning of Soraya M.

04 Jul

As I sit here I am not sure what to say, this movie was so powerful and moved me to tears.  Few movies have ever impacted me the way that this movie did.  Most of it is in english, but there are sections that are subtitled.

Tissue alert!  You may find yourself emotionally moved to the point of tears!

I really don’t want to tell you much about the movie other than the fact that this is a must see movie!

Greed, it truly does hold total power over those in positions to move society for their own personal agenda.  And not to take away from the women living in societies like this today, but the whole greed, the fact that human life could mean so little to a man in the position of power that he was willing to toss aside a human life for his own personal greed.

Sadder yet, as so many Americans are on the brink of loosing everything, taxes are going up in our cities, states and federal levels….all in the name of greed.  It made me realize just how much ALL of us have allowed stoning.  Not just in the case of Soraya, but in our own personal daily lives.

When will we step up to stop what happened to not just Soraya, but thousands of women just like her.  When we will step up against those that throw stones in the name of greed in our own personal lives?  When will we realize the value of life, how precious and wonderful things can be if greed were not a part of the equation?

Final question:  When will we learn to step between the stone thrower and the one being stoned?  Even if it means personal harm?

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