Home Made Tortilla

04 Jul

So there was a great sale on lean hamburger at the market, of course I had to purchase some.  Had great plans on cooking up a big match or marinara and meatballs tonight for dinner only I forgot to purchase the pasta.  And no, I was ill in the mood to make the noodles by hand as that would take hours.

After digging around in the larder, discovered I had all the makings for tacos, except of course the tortillas.  Hmm, didn’t have enough corn meal to make corn so I busted out the Harina mix.  They are super simple, super quick and were enjoyed so much, the dishes were washed for me (maybe I should make them more often).


  • 2 cups Harina flour
  • 1/2 cup water

Mix till it forms a nice dough ball, cover and allow to sit for about 5-10 minutes.

This recipe is for 12 6″ tortillas

Once the dough has rested, roll into a long rope of 12 inches in length, cut into 1 inch pieces.  Take each 1 inch piece and roll into a ball, place on a plate under a damp cloth.  Roll them one at a time either in a tortilla press or with a rolling-pin.  I couldn’t find my press, so I smashed them in my hands to make them flat, then rolled a few times under a rolling-pin.

In a heavy skillet, turn the burner onto high or two notches below high, depends on how quick you are about rolling them out.  Place your first tortilla and cook about 30 seconds each side or until toasted, place on a plate and keep going till they are all done.

Thats it, super simple, super easy and SUPER good.

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