Who are you voting for as President?

01 Jul

Many people have been asking me which candidate I am backing in the next Presidential race.  Well, sadly my vote and backing has not entered the race yet!

Give me a man or woman who does not have a campaign budget in the millions! Is not backed by the “special interest” groups, cleans and cooks for their families themselves without the use of a housekeeper, drives themself to work in their own car without the services of a driver, knows how to balance their bank book and knows when there is no money in it, they can’t just raise taxes to keep spending money they (we) don’t have, a candidate that wears a suit from a warehouse, not a designer name, doesn’t own a single pair of prada………

Give me a candidate that leaves from the west coast, with a backpack and camping tent on their back and a budget just large enough to cover the bare necessities just like how the rest of us are living.  Whos campaign trail is to walk across America with their own two feet all the way to D.C. by the time we vote.  Give me a candidate that has calloused hands from working just like the rest of us do!  Give me a candidate that is willing to work for their evening meal along the way.  A candidate who pitches their tent on the side of the road in the beginning because no one knows who they are.  A candidate who fully appreciates a hot meal of some squirrel they found along the way and doesn’t complain that their prime rib wasn’t cooked to perfection.  Give me a candidate that simply will not accept any donations or perks from any special interest group and is willing to say “No, not going to happen, the poor, the tired and the hopeless can’t afford this!”

Give me a candidate who fully understands and is one of the real Americans earning less than $80,000 per year, with a college education, struggling to keep their family home and food on the table.  Because the “real” Americans aren’t the rich who can afford to wipe their ‘arse with cash when they are expelling their fine wine and lobster from the meal they ate the night before.  A candidate who understands that any meal not made of ramen noodles is a “gourmet treat”.

Give me a “real” American Candidate, one that lives like the rest of us do, struggles like the rest of us do, has no money to run for Presidency but can walk from coast to coast, is willing and happy to do so in order to understand what the “real” American public is going through in order to survive.

Give me a candidate like this and I will tell you who will get my vote!  I will even gladly walk many miles with them as they travel in the shoes of so many of us “real” Americans.  I would not only walk many miles with them, but I would gladly bring them a glass of ice water on a hot day, the shirt off my back because theirs is tattered and my sneakers, even if they were my only pair, because theirs had holes in the soles.

Its fine and dandy that our Presidential Candidates are able to stay in 5-star hotels, in their best suites.  It is fine and dandy that our Presidential Candidates are driven to work, have a housekeeper to make their beds for them, are paid for by the special interests groups backing the rich corporations that have ruined America.

Give me a true American, one that understands the real backbone of America is her people—-and her people aren’t JUST the rich and beautiful, America’s real people are the poor, the hard workers, the homeless…..something our current Presidential Candidates only understand in words.  Only they don’t really understand the meaning of the words……..just the words themselves.

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