Mass Evacuation, are you as scared as I am?

28 Jun

We have been watching and reading much in my book club on the subject of the German Wars of the 1940’s.  I found my thoughts often wondering what those people must have been going through as they were evacuated from their homes and villages.  I know when Hurricane Katrina hit, we discovered that as a Nation, we are ill prepared for a massive evacuation.  Be an evacuation from a natural disaster or an act of war, what would we really be facing if we were evacuated?

Many of you may be thinking that “they didn’t have cars or trucks back then”, most were under the power of their feet or carts and animals.  Many feel that since we have automobiles, trailers, RVs and the likes at our disposal an evacuation would be very easy to deal with.  All I have to say about this is look at “rush hour traffic”.  Now consider that most of the population is not on the roads during this time, not even a majority of the population.  Why?  Because not everyone is going in the same direction or even working on the same shift; yet look at how badly the roads are congested during the hours of rush hour.  Now tack onto this congestion the fear and panic people will be going through in the event of an evacuation.  I simply don’t see it possible for a safe evacuation of the large cities to occur in an expeditious manner.

Are we really prepared?  Do we have an evacuation plan put into place with our families?  And if we are evacuated, without reliance of the Government to provide your shelter and food, do you have the ability to live somewhere for a month or longer should something happen requiring an evacuation?

This has been a heavy thought upon my shoulders as the American Government continues pushing forward, invading more and more countries in the name of “domestic safety” and a perceived threat of terrorism.  I mean since before recorded history there have always been people wanting to make war, and there have always been threats in the middle east, but my thoughts are driven away from these far away lands and back to the personal safety of my friends and family here at home.  China has told the United States to “back off”, they don’t threaten often so I think we need to firmly consider the fact that they are genuine in protecting their neighbors borders for their own personal safety of their Nation.  And this just scares me because the U.S. Governmental Leaders show no signs of taking the threat seriously and continue invading more and more countries.  More than ever before, I firmly believe that China is capable as well as having the backing of many other Nations should they follow through with their threat to protect themselves against the forces of the United States Military.

Based on this, and I am not saying that WWIII will happen, I think that the players have taken their stance and right now are posturing, so the potential is there.  Based on this potential, what will we do?  I have seen the faces in photographs, even in modern media as people are evacuated due to war, they look hopeless.  True, they are evacuated into government set up camps, but has anyone seen the numbers of the people who die in these camps?  Food is limited, personal hygiene is limited and so many end up sick and die from things like dysentery.  Illness spreads like a wild-fire when you take thousands of people and put them into a camp designed to house only a few hundred people.  Tack onto this the stress they are under, and the body naturally becomes more susceptible to disease.  We aren’t talking thousands of years ago, we are talking in recent history within the last ten years here.  So don’t think technology is set in place to avoid this because it simply isn’t.

What is my families exit plan?  How will I keep them safe and how will we honestly ever get to safe ground living where we live right now?  How long will it take when the millions of people who live within a 20-mile radius of us are all trying to do the same thing……….

These are questions I think we all need to be thinking about, be it a natural disaster or an act of war…..if it happened today, what would we do?

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