Bank Robbery, the new American health plan

23 Jun

First I would like to go on the record to state that I do not think robbing a bank is the thing to do.  So no one go out and rob a bank because I told you this guy did.  But he did it for a reason many have turned to crime here in America. He did it for health care.

While many companies spent their bail out money in many ways, I would like to point out a few:

  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac employees were thrilled their employers were bailed out.  It meant they would get their yearly bonuses of $20,000 or more (my neighbor got over $80,000 bonus from Fannie Mae).  Prior to the bail out they were told they would not get their yearly bonus in addition to their yearly raise.
  • JP Morgan used it to purchase four very vital new corporate jets to fly around their CEOs

I could go on and on and on, but it was our tax dollars that bailed out these companies when they should have failed.  Other companies would have stepped up and with any luck would have run their companies smarter.  I think they should have failed….but NO, we spent billions for them to continue doing business the way they always have, the way that failed them in the first place, only the CEOs making all the failing decisions got bonuses and pay raises to run their companies into the ground.

That bail out money should have been spent on more important things, things that are more vital to the American public, things far more valuable to the tax payers than a yearly bonus or new corporate jets.  I don’t know like food, shelter, bridges that are about to collapse, roads that have reverted back to nearly dirt…….

As usual however those that take our money have never spent it very wise.  We had no choice but to trust that they would, because even if we don’t trust them they are going to take it any way.  The Federal Government released a report stating that the Medicare system would collapse by 2018, yet in good faith many of us have paid Medicare and Social Security for more than 30 years….we will never see a dime, yet they continue taking big chunks from our paychecks?  Do I have faith they will save it……hell no, they already said it will fail by 2018 – 2035 so I know the money I was forced to trust them with will not be there by the time I am old enough for it.  To learn more about Social Security and Medicare that you have paid into since your first day of public work go here:

So what is our American population turning to now that they are broke?  They are robbing banks for the sum of $1.00.  Read more about it here:

There is a comment in the article that his actions have upset tax payers.  Well I am a tax payer and I am not upset by him or his actions to get health care.  I am upset by a Government, that we have all trusted with billions of dollars that have spent it unwisely forcing people to feel this is the only way they can do anything.  I have paid into the Social security and Medicare programs since the year 1977.  And it will be another 30 years (because they keep raising my age limit) before I will be old enough to collect either.  The funny part is that as it stands now, I have to be 72, which happens to be 3 years longer than the current average life expectancy.  Go figure!  And no, Social Security and Medicare are not paid post mortem.  I am more upset that the Government will have taken money from me each and every month for 61 years, promising me to manage the money they take so that I will have retirement and medical insurance.  Well they only part of the contract that has been upheld is mine, the part where I fork over the money.  That wasn’t the promise!  They have defaulted on their contractural obligation to all of us.

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