Pandora while you clean the house.

20 Jun

You know there was a time when the televisions were on in every room of the house while the cooking, cleaning and washing took place for “noise”.  With the internet comes a great replacement for the television, it is called Pandora.

Click here to be transported to the greatest internet radio station!

They let you set up your own radio station and that just rocks because I can always change my playlist or build it in a few seconds based upon my mood.

Want to know what we are listening to today? Laughing Cloud Ranch Radio Station on Pandora

Pick your favorite radio station we have set up.

  • Gaelic Storms Station is calming and soothing, what we call our “natural” music filled with old world tradition with a mix of modern beats.
  • Gipsy Kings Station (no it’s not a typo, that is how the band that sparked this station spells their name!).  This is afro/latin lots of guitar, love, loss when you are either in the mood of some seductive hip swaying or guitar, hot and spicy salsa………
  • Christian Rock Station is our Christian Rock.  If you are the type of person who believes or has faith that there is something which created each of us and holds us strongly together.  This station is for those days you might find your faith in something wavering and helps you have those “ah ha” moments of the strength which is greater than each of us, yet loaned to us when we need it.  Please understand this is not your momma’s Christian music!  It is all modern christian rock, don’t expect hymnals, you won’t find them.

Keep in mind (even though I am a mother–of adult children) This is Christian
Music, but its Christian rock. From soft and tender to metal. Who am I (or you)
to define what is and is not in celebration of the Lord? Our parents sang Hymns,
I was raised on Hymns as being the only “christian” accepted music. “Gospel
Music” sung by southern choirs was considered “un christian like, of the devil”.

All I have to say is this “If it brings us/them/you to the lord, it
gives us faith in something greater than us all, moves us in the ways of faith
and brings us to our knees”……who are we to judge another persons heart? If
it moves you, if it stirs you, if it fills you with joy, listen on…….if it
does not, you can hit the big red X in the upper right corner. No need to leave
a trail of hate filled words.

The Lord did not set his path in concrete
and stone, rather he taught each of us the way to get back to him, then has each
of us make our way to his destination, giving each of us the freedom to make our
journey back on the path of our own selection.

The Lord is not a jailer,
he is our creator. He has only asked we make our way back to him, gaining
strength in his love through the “creation” of our own paths, forged in his love
and light.

(Stated due to hate mail stating many of these artists are
anything but christian and their music was an invitation from the devil…Music
comes in many forms, we may or may not like every type out there—but don’t
judge. The need to judge is born of hate or lack of acceptance…look into your

John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up
himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first
cast a stone at her.

I laugh when people ask “what do you do for a living” and my reply is “I’m a sufficient lifer”.  This is the truth, while not on a farm yet, I have all the legal farm animals my city allows, gardens, a green house and while I work all day long attending to the animals and the hearth, it might not be as easy as a life of watching television, ordering meals from the local delivery companies or fast food drive ups, it is a very rewarding way of life.

I don’t depend upon the grocery store, rather I depend on my hands and the generous hands of friends and family to help out some times.  I laugh when I mention that I am working to a self-sufficient life style, so many people seem to think this means “I live in a cave, I club my food to death, I gather berries or spear my meat, I dig cat holes to go “potty”.  For some reason, a great number of people have the attitude that living “self-sufficient” means disconnecting yourself from society.  I would like to clear something up here!

Living self-sufficient doesn’t mean you are disconnecting from society, it means you are EMBRACING society and the health of society and you are living in a more respectful way towards everything around you.  From your neighbors, friends, family, the animals in your charge and the food you eat.  It means you put away the “glutton” way of the materialistic life and you keep the things which are important to you.  I happen to enjoy electricity, I just don’t want to purchase it through a commercial monopoly.  I enjoy good food, and this doesn’t come in a box I pop into the microwave or simply add water and stir.  I enjoy crafts, and enjoy using the materials I have at hand, to include the feathers from the birds to the pelts from the fur-bearing animals which we respectfully raise for our bellies.  Even the trimmings from the trees, shrubs and bushes are used for crafts.

I would never give up having a stove and oven, though I love the wood burning pizza oven and if you ever have a pizza or loaf of bread cooked in it so would you.  I would never give up my smart phone as I remain connected to friends and family through the internet.  Where ever there is connection I have the internet.  I enjoy Netflix and watching instant movies, though I always forget to put the DVD back into the mailbox for days.

The point is, being self-sufficient doesn’t mean you live in a cave, while your life does change, it changes you in so many positive and beneficial ways.  Like you get healthier, you lose weight and you find passion each morning when your feet hit the ground.  Funny thing is, all these things not only benefit your body, but your soul as well.  You will find you wake up without needing an alarm clock to blare at you, starting your day with a loathing that you must get up.  Rather you will simply wake up and you will do so with the joy and wonderous excitement of a young child, knowing the day is going to reward you richly.

So Pandora keeps the feet tapping all day, just enter in your favorite performer and it will build your own radio station with similar music.  Pipe this through your “cave” with wireless speakers, both inside and out!  Listen to the music, bath in the sunlight and dance your way through the chores of “living” with ease.  Yes, you can have wireless speakers in the barn, in the greenhouse, in the chicken coop, in the machine shop, in the garden.  And no, the cavemen didn’t have wireless technology.  Technology isn’t evil, rather the way in which technology is used can be evil.  Music is not an evil…even if you don’t appreciate the music others listen to….it speaks to their soul and that helps them live.

Most of us go through life in what I call the “living dead”.  What I mean is too many of us do little more than survive the day till it is time for bed, there is little joy, yet much frustration and a loathing for our job, the traffic, the bills and everything else.

Free yourself from your bills, live more self-sufficient, work for yourself and your life……..learn to LIVE ALIVE!

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