16 Jun

First I love a good old-fashioned tomato.  I’m not just talking a home-grown tomato, but an heirloom tomato that had not been fiddled with in the laboratory.  Why?  All I have to say is this.  Pick one variety of a hybrid tomato (most of them out there) then swing by and get you some real tomato seed.  Grow these plants side by side, under the same conditions, same soil, same everything.  Then I want you to pick them the same day, slice into each, eat them and then I won’t have to tell you what I mean, it will be obvious to you.

While you are at it, look up some of the stories behind how certain tomatoes came to be.  My favorite story is Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter.  I had not planned on posting anything else today, but Take Action posted an article to help get the word out about a book on Tomatoes and I wanted to share that with you.  The title of the article is “The Rotten Truth About Tomatoes: An Interview With Barry Estabrook”.  If you are new to the world of learning where your food comes from, you need to read it.  If you are a seasoned veteran of digging deep into the world of where your food comes from, you should purchase a few copies.  You might learn a few new things, but even if you don’t, pass those books along.

Books like this have made their way into my personal library.  Not just for reading, but I also check them out to my friends so that they too can learn.  Why I call it “check out” I will never know, most books I loan out to friends and family rarely find their way back to me, though I put an inscription in each one to include my address.  Believe it or not, I got a letter from a family in Japan on one of the books I loaned it.  It had been passed and passed and passed around until it eventually found its way to Japan.  Kind of neat how something that sparks you into thinking in a different direction can travel the world with a renewed excitement.

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