China threatens US over Pakistan

11 Jun

Many people do not realize that while we have been exhausting our Military forces, China has been building theirs.  Many feel that China has a larger military than the US, they simply don’t flex their muscles like the US does.  My concern is not that China has stated “enough and don’t do it”.  My concern is over the fact that the war engine is quite a large money-maker for the rich and powerful here in the US.  Many very large and powerful corporations make their billions in keeping the US military in uniforms, food, gear, vehicles, munitions and the likes.  It is not in their best interest for the US military to not be in an active war.  Worse yet, these corporations have paid out billions of dollars to many of our governmental leaders for their contracts.  If the governmental leaders want to keep that money rolling into their personal bank accounts, **cough cough I mean into their campaign accounts**, they must keep the US at war.

The fact that we here on the home front are hitting record numbers of unemployment, homeless, starving and families living far below the poverty line should tell our leaders that we have a big problem here at home.  However, because feeding or housing our poor here doesn’t make money, it seems to be overlooked.  And lets face it, our press corp follows the money train and the money train follows the war.  So these facts are being overlooked and are going unreported because well….there is no money in the truth and the picture of what is going on here.

So now that we have sent thousands of US soldiers to their death over OBL, we are now looking for another trophy (well our government is) and they are looking to Pakistan.  China doesn’t like this and has warned the out of control US leadership that if they continue playing the role of an out of control child, they will be spanked.  I wonder if integrity will re-emerge in our leadership or if they still have that “can’t touch this” attitude and will drive on, no matter what is best for the people of America just to keep their money rolling in.  Well, time has proven that money is far more important than the greater good of the people…….so I fear the worse.

A message to our Governmental Leaders:  Your people are hungry and starving, they are poor, they have given everything you asked and demanded of them and have little more to give.  You have milked your people dry, they are starting to live 3-4 families per single resident house…if they are lucky.  More and more are living in their cars if they have not been repossessed from them, they are living under your collapsed viaducts, in cardboard boxes.  They have sent their sons and daughters off to do your bidding in war so that you could get rich.  They are tired, they are huddled masses…… could you demand more of them, all they have left is their life’s blood and many have given that as well.  We ask not for more war, we ask that you see our tired and tattered hands, the blank look in our eyes, we ask you look into our souls which have lost all hope……..we ask you take our hands and help us work, not take your pen to sign your bank deposit slips.  While you are living great, we are homeless, starving and have no hope for a better tomorrow.  We are realizing that we live in tyrany……..and we wonder what more you will demand of us seeing as we have little left.  Would you like our wedding rings to melt the metal and sell the gems?

Below you will find a few links to get you started on your research to form your own opinion:

That should get you started in opening up of your eyes.  We need to do more than blog, share on Facebook.  We need to educated ourselves, our neighbors and then we need to educate our Governmental Officials as to what “we the people” really want.  We need to let them hear our voices, not in silent mumbles, but how we really feel.  We need to let them known how much we want our great nation to be great again, and how much we desire a life of prosperity, not slavery.

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